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I have many ideas on making the change to a better world to live in. It will take a small start to make it happen. We all Know history repeats. It's time to stop the replay of our past. It's time to evolve to the next level. It will take a long time, yet the time could not be better. Every thing that happens is for change. Use past event's, to give reason for change. We haven't come this far to become pig's at the trough!
How many invention's to help mankind have been used to profit only a few. Every thing from our past is made for profit if possible. It's time to make it so all can afford the basic needs.
The younger generations need new goal's to strive for. It will only take a few of us to set it!
I'm a man of visions, willing to see them become real. For I know! I need help to make it to the end of my time, may I go when the time comes!-go knowing I helped making it possible for all to make changes for the better.
Let's start! I'v thought about it long enough.


We just converted a motor home to run on vegetable oil. In just a few days work we helped take thousands of dollars a year out of the oil commpanies pocket.

We use every chance we get to spread the message of peaceful actions. Helping people to get off of petrol is a great way to do something productive.

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