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lilo Camp

I too see the negatives in the world and in this country. I try to do what I can invidividually. However, this is not enough. I am not in any position of power, I am not a manager, my voice has no outlet. Corporatocracy has made all of us economically dependent and taken away the right to free speech and assembly. An economically dependent person can never be entirely free. If I have to fear for my livelyhood, even at a subsistance level, I cannot raise my voice or hear the supressed voices of others who are trying to act like me. The corruption of our political process is nearly complete, the public is being put to sleep with Bread and Circuses, our fourth estate has become an entertainment service.

My hope is for solidarity, of seeing that others share my goals and work with me. My hope is for the encouragment that solidarity brings, when I tire of making sacrifices or get envious of those who take advantage of me and my dream. My hope is to hear collective voices that will bring about the necessary change to rescue communities and environment here, as well as around the world. Our actions cannot be random, but orgaized and collective. Only then can the average individual truly make a difference.


I feel your frustration. One persons voice gets drowned out. This is why I have to learn how to change myself first. I just recently decides to sell my home and quit my corporate job. I am using the money to start a recycling business, both veggie oil for biodiesel and paper products for toilet paper.

But it also takes a leap to a lifestyle that itself is not destructive to the planet. I try vary hard to only support companies that do what is right. If I can not find a product I like from a green manufacturer I don't really need it.

I can only control myself, but I am human and learning to live differently takes some practice.

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