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debbe kennedy

You are so right, Joshua!!! Story: Gandhi didn't speak one day a week. On one of those days, a journalist ran up to his train, yelling out, "Do you have a message I can take back to my people?" Gandhi wrote a note on a piece of paper and stuck it in the window. It said. "My LIFE is my message."

Obviously, you are a kindred spirit!

It is hard to change --- to rethink our behavior---to make sacrifices. The more you are conscious, the more your excesses are visible and hard to overlook. It asks more of you to reinvent.

My changes are evolving every day and I continue to think and question myself. One example of change I did make this year ---- I reduced my driving mileage by 25,000 miles by being more thoughtful and planning and enjoying my own environment. One small step.

Thanks for your continued inspiration!




Each step we take lessens our own foot prints on the voicless masses. How did you cut down on you driving habits so greatly?

mike pritchett

I was ask in a hunderd words or less how too change things? My answer was. To stop drugs you give every one that has a problem a prescription for the drug of their chose with the clear understanding they don’t share their drugs with no one. This will stop drugs for the next generation and stop all drug crimes. In the future most all crime will be stop with cameras and that means no more dead ladies will be found in the trunks of their cars with out us knowing who put them there. Any one willing to work will be giving a brotherhood card that will pay all your bills. Im good at this. Then I was ask how that would stop people in suits with good jobs from robbing people? And my answer was. My approach to any problem is I will ask my self how I would want to be treated if I was in the position of people that needs help. This need for help is the main drive behind crime. So you will need to take away the cause of crime which in my mind is that people for the most part have no helper when they are in need. fix this and you will stop more crimes than all the cameras in the world. My true answer to crime is unity. There is three ways to do this, my way or the way it is now or if you have a better way I will support you. At no point in time think we will be perfect just know we can be much better. Many men have many talents this just happen to be mine. And that is I will give you words of power that will work even if I am dead. Time will prove me. Your question was crime? My answer is if you are willing to work you will be given a brotherhood card that has no spending limit. That is what I would have men do unto me. And then if there is people in pretty suits robbing one another it wont bother me. The problem is no one will serve these people because we will be serving one another. Because you have show interest I will send you more words and give you more power. Your brother. If I am going to dream, I am going to dream big. So I will send the words, why not?

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