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The research I have seen on biodiesel suggests that it is ultimately unsustainable.
In shifting the demand for a petrolium-based
fuel to an ag.-based fuel we have to consider the demand on land to produce food and other products. I am not suggesting that it can not be done but 40 years from now our top priority might be fuel for our belly.


There are many ways to make bio fuels. From processing garbage or by directing pollution from smoke stacks into water grids growing algae and extracting bio fuels and hydrogen.

But in the short term what veg oil does is help communities control inflation. We can produce fuels that do not increase in price nearly as fast as petrol. We have many local organizations in Portland Oregon that produce enough fuel to run small businesses.

One of the studies I read recently was more focused on the cost. We subsidize billions of dollars to farmers to till crops back into the soil to keep the price per unit up. If we had some sane policies we could produce all the veggie oil we need to help with the shift away from petroleum. The hope lies in us demanding these fuels and supporting our local producers and farmers.

Graham Shepherd

I have noticed a genuine shift towards Bio fuels, we have started to get enquiries from private investors as well as commercial investors looking to finance biodiesel projects world wide. I hope that the momentum continues to grow and we shift away from total reliability on fossil fuels.

Joshua Peace Seeker

I have been spending a lot of time and energy building networks of people to make biofuel projects work. There are more than enough energetic folks that would work a few hours a week to make a positive change. We are now rolling in Portland, Eugene, Medford Oregon and Vancouver Washington!!!

Mostly we just need to start moving on ideas and building our community. I am finding alliances in a range of people. From the most right wing to the most left wing. It is very empowering to create a business from nothing that does so much good.

Joshua Peace Seeker

Mark S

If you want to know about how biodiesel works, check out the interview on: http://www.patagonia.com/bendtobaja
go to the "Oregon" link, then go to the "Conversation".
The site is about some surfers who drove from Bend to Baja in a biodiesel truck.

Joshua Peace Seeker

My 2002 VW Bug runs like a charm with a 100% biodiesel fuel. If anyone in SW Washington or Oregon needs access to veggie oil please contact me. If anyone owns a restaurant or has access to used veggie oil please contact me as well.


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