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I say, GO FOR IT! I wish you were in my area and I would be your customer. After finding out the biodiesel I get at the pump is only B2 (2% biodiesel, 98% diesel) I think I need to start making my own or find someone locally doing what you about to undertake. Keep us posted when you make your first batch.


It is not hard to switch to Straight Veggie Oil. It requires almost no proccessing. All you need is a filter sock that will filter down to 5 Microns.

The switch takes about 3-5 hours of work. I am sure their is someone in you area that knows how to do this. Just a second tank in the truck 5-10 gallons and an in line heater unit approx $125.00 and a switch that changes which tank you are pulling from once the engine is warmed up.

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