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I got myself a MB 300TD diesel recently. From my research this car's 5 cylinder diesel engine is one of the best for running on biodiesel which is why I selected this model. I am getting biodiesel at the local BP (the people at the counter can't tell me anything about it). I hope to start making my own fuel to mix soon. At any rate, this '84 MB 300TD wagon is getting 26+ mpg which is nearly double what my V8 truck was getting.

The next step is to condition myself for a bike and bike-trailer.


It is not hard to take the next step and go to a Straight Veggie Oil system. You would not be dependant on any station then. You could pick up used oil from your local restaurants and filter it in your garage.


I would love to get more info.

Could you publish it on your blog please?

Thanks and congratulations on your blog.


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