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Earlier this year, John Perkins, author of CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN gave a presentation at Coral Gables, Florida which was aired on CSPAN. It moved people, young and old, as his book has done all over the world. The message is a wake-up call for us all.

Today I discovered that this CSPAN event is now available on DVD. My SMALL ACTION was to order a copy to play at a family gathering that is coming up to educate family members----and spark their interest in reading his book and inspire them to take SMALL ACTIONS in their own lives.

If you have not yet read it, it "connects the dots" that many of us have been wondering about. It wakes you up, shocks your consciousness and it is a MUST READ for anyone that cares about our world.

The DVD is available at:

Learn more about John Perkins and his book:



John Perkins book is a great way to bring new people into a global movement. He tells the truth and lays out a non partisan humankind agenda. I love to show videos that help rock peoples comfort zones a bit and make them think.

I would love to hear more input on what others are doing to help spread the message of the much needed unity.

Joshua Peace Seeker


I have a great video I like to show family and friends. It is short and simple and quite a mind bomb. It all seems obvious but it seems some people just need to hear it. I found it free online and then ordered the DVD. I invested in a portable TV/ DVD so I can play it anywhere.

Here is the link to it. Highly recommended.

We have Saturday farmers markets in many of the towns around us and I volunteer on a farm who sets up at one of the larger ones. It may be time I set up a booth of my own. :)


We can not blame the ignorant too much. It is those who know the truth who are responsible for doing something.

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