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I have done my part—I am doing my part. I went up to the mountain. This is what I got, what I did—what came out:

STEP 1 – My view from the top today

I am in a boardroom: here, the “Board of Directors of Planet Earth” are meeting. The room is the top of a mountain; the panorama below is like looking through surround-glass walls to view the landscape. The view: our World: our Planet.

We call for the status report on “Project World.” As if in a slideshow, powerful beams illuminate and zoom-out to show the entire planet first; and then, focus and zoom-in segments and regions. Choking smog. I gasp for air. Patchwork of desolation, result of wars and famine or man-made conditions. Big deep brown eyes of a hungry child stare at me: really blank, but he blinks and there is puzzlement—a question? or hope?

STEP 2 – My view of a new world

I move a Motion: we can do better: let’s make the World a better place. Seconded.
Resolved: Our World alive, thriving, vibrant, fulfilling; compassionate and respectful humanity.
Show us what it looks like.
Powerful beams. Zoom-out:
Exquisitely beautiful, inviting blue planet shimmering slightly in space.
Clean atmosphere. Fresh air. I taste the fresh air. Balanced, thriving ecology and landscape. Big sparkling eyes of a child with a hint of glorious mischief afoot. “Howdy, Mr.!” she calls out boisterously, bubbling over with self-confidence.

Another Motion moved: we visit this new World.
Action: we—mountain-top, boardroom, “Planet Earth” board members—are transported instantaneously into our new World of compassionate peoples going about their business with confidence and expectancy; and in cooperation and mutual respect. We joyfully lose ourselves in our own new world.

STEP 3 – My declaration – Our declaration

I declare: “This is my world. It is good. I am alive! How great it feels to be alive! I can choose this dream. I accept that the future is ours to create. I choose to be a vital part of it.”

We the “Board of Directors of Planet Earth” resolve and declare: “This is our world. It is good. We are alive! How great it feels to be alive! We choose this dream. We accept that the future is ours to create. We choose to be a vital part of it.”

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Following the "Creating Your Vision" guide (see menu on left) I climbed to the top of the highest mountain to see the view. This is a glimpse from my vantage point from my first trip to the top:

Current realities…
Looking down at our world makes me sad. I fully acknowledge all that is wrong. It is clear that LIFE is not what was intended. I accept this and I choose to look to the future.

Glimpse of my dream…
I turned away from our collective mistakes. As I look out, I see a new day dawning. In an instant I see the miracle of a collective decision --- we've had enough --- we recognize we may not be able to change so many things all at once, but we see the power of changing ourselves immediately. A large and ever-growing group is coming together from across the world, clinging to the strength of our differences. Together we declare our commitment to change our ways, our thinking, our behavior, our daily decisions, the way we treat one another---we commit to be more thoughtful --- thinking through the implications of our behavior and actions, accepting responsibility for creating a new future. We don’t know exactly where to start, but I see us taking steps forward with a new mutualistic consciousness, intention and influence.

My declaration...
I commit to change my ways for me, all of us --- for a better world.



Step 1. I see the world in its present state. I see the pain of isolation even as technology attempts to unite. That the illusion of seperateness has become a being with it's own identity that fights to keep itself a reality instead of an illusion. That if people as a whole come to the realization that to hurt others is hurting yourself than the illusion of seperateness would lose its identity, and that the harder that 'being' strives to 'be' the more ugliness it creates.


Step 2. I've climbed to the top of the mountain and the climb in itself was exhillerating. As I watch the dirty clouds gradually become pure white and transparent and the smog dissapate. I see such as vast amount of beauty that suddenly I remember why I am on this earth. I hear a voice telling me that everything of beauty was created by souls such as I that came in a physical body to shine a light in darkness and take the whirling chaos and to push through the density of negativity and to reach within themselves to find seeds of beauty and allow the light to co-create with them and bring to birth works of beauty and greatness for others to see and enjoy, to help them remember and to stand up in the face of ugliness and shine until it either transforms or disssapates. I look down again and I see men, women, children of every color that have that flame of light within them suddenly see thru the fog some creation of beauty from somebody that would not step back from the illusion of tyranny, and this inspires them to stand up, and do the same. And as they do the crying and the shouting, the pain and destruction, the ugliness just starts to evaporate. The ability to lie is gone. Every person begins to contribute to each other and to the planet that with which they were born to do so. And there is such joy in being who you are without fear, and creating that which is inside you to create without scorn, and giving all that you desire to give just because you enjoy doing so.

Step 3. I came into the world to create beauty. I came to stand up in the face of deception and show the beauty of truth. I am standing up. I am allowing my flame to burn brighter, I am giving what is mine to give, the future is ours to create, I join with others to create it

Step 3.


Diane's quite amazing vision (preceding message) was an invitation to "climb up" to once again take in the view. In my pocket, I am carrying a tattered piece of paper, well-worn from other "dreams come true" that its message inspired in me. A spiritual man long ago that I didn't really know left this paper on my desk at work, saying only, "I thought this might come in handy." It did. It does now. Looking out again atop the world, I see its truth. I see the possibilities of a new day dawning --- one for you and me --- I too am exhilerated by the view and climb and grateful for Diane's dream that became the catalyst.

I will climb again. For now, I leave the "treasured inspiration" for those who may brave this "mountain top view" and I too again declare my commitment to contribute my heart to creating a new world that brings out the best in its people for the good of our planet.

Until one is committed,
there is a hesitancy,
the chance to draw back,
always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation)
There is one elementary truth
the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans;
That moment one definitely commits oneself,
then Providence moves too (Miracles happen!)

All sorts of things occur to help one
that would never otherwise have occurred.

A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
raising in one's favor all manner of
unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance
which no one could have dreamt would come one's way.

Whatever you can DO,
or DREAM you CAN,
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

--- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Lane Michel

Thank you for inviting us into this Hall -- a place where expansion of a new world dream is taking place. I offer my perspective that I live each and every day while doing my part to change the way businesses function in our world today.

STEP 1: My View from the Top Today
So many people across the planet struggling to understand -- the veil between spirit and being human is thick.

I have traveled all around the world. I know that we are ALL truly connected. At the core of our being, we have the same need to be happy and have meaning in our life. No matter the continent we live on, race, sex or any religious affiliation. That wisdom has been out of our grasp for millennia. Now a cascading planet-wide remembering is sweeping across Earth.

How is it that grotesque offenses against others can happen when we are all so deeply connected? I harm or prevent another from walking their path and I do all a disservice. I support without judgment another on their chosen path and I display the full light I am and the power to co-create. We have the freedom of choice to be the creator and to manifest what we dream.

Unconsciously for most – consciously for rapidly more – we choose to not stand by and allow our world to spin away from us. We are engaging, dreaming, and declaring with great meaning for life in larger and larger numbers. And for that reason, the planet is shifting. That fills me with great hope and faith for our children’s future.

STEP 2: My View of Our New World
All life upon Earth, all organizations of people -- business, non-profit concerns, communities, religions and governments – awaken to owning responsibility for choices and actions.

We choose to:
Learn to discern rather than judge others.
Find our life purpose rather than be victims.
Act even in the smallest intentional ways to live that purpose rather than watch idly, waiting.
Find humor in and learn from our mistakes rather than be punishing or defensive.
Speak our voice rather than listen for others to say what is already in our thoughts.
Lead as stewards empowered to guide with integrity rather than powerful egos who are to be followed unquestioned.

To choose and to own that choice is to live our dream. We take our power. We manifest what we want with such intention that all who see it can choose to support our dream. In each and every one of those moments, the magic of our connectedness truly happens.

STEP 3: My Declaration
I declare to speak my voice, discern and trust, hear the wisdom offered from spirit, be the steward-leader that I know I am, and to own my choices.


I dream:
I am.



Dream Workshop Exercise 1: Getting a task done.

A “simple” exercise in Dreaming

We hinted at this forum also providing a dream workshop. Allow me to use this exercise to introduce the workshop.

Each day, we have scores of tasks—more or less—to accomplish. Most times, we do fine. Other times, we run into “a task too far…” This one causes us anxiety, cold sweats and sleepless nights. The technique introduced in this exercise will take care of this type and any other type of task. You may want to practice with less troublesome tasks at first, but be brave: use it with your next or even current “difficult” task.

The best thing about a task is that while you may not know how or where to begin, or how to accomplish it, there is a clear endpoint or object, and you / the judges all agree on what it is. In other words, everyone knows when you accomplish the task.

Your dream exercise:

“See” the task done.

Don’t be concerned, regarding the task itself, about how—how to begin, how to proceed, etc—in your dream. Your dream simply “sees” the task done.

About “see” and “seeing”… What constitutes “to see” or “seeing”? You will be surprised. You can see something without “laying your eyes on it.” Seeing in dreaming means recognition, which comes with clarity. For example, you can recognize someone by the smell of his or her favorite perfume (even when worn by an entirely different person). And, it comes with clarity. Notice that it did not require “focus” or “concentration” to effect the recognition and clarity. You can “see” someone just by recognizing the way they walk—or work; or the way they cough or laugh. (By the way, the brain needs just a paltry few features to recognize a face and the whole person. The brain can recognize and pick out a person from just your looking down at pairs of different feet, without ever seeing anything above the ankles.)

You know the feeling you get when you have successfully completed a task? For our purpose, that is equivalent to “seeing” the task done. In this case, to do your dream exercise, re-live / recall this feeling while associating it with the task.

Or, is it the celebration, small or big, for a task accomplished? Place yourself in that mood and mode, and associate it with the task. That, is “seeing” enough: that constitutes seeing the task done for the purposes of this dream exercise.

So you see, (pardon the pun), you can get creative and use whatever works for you to simulate (or stimulate) “seeing” the task done in your dream..

If you need to re-enact or keep re-enacting the “seeing” until the task is accomplished, that’s fine, too. If you need to combine different ways of “seeing” as explained above, that’s fine, too.

I said not to worry about “how…” because once you see the task done in your dream, whatever you need to do and whatever you need to get it done, will be provided for you. It may even be that someone else will end up getting it done for you (don’t you wish?), but the task gets done anyway.

Now, get to your exercise! And, I appeal to you to be generous and share your experiences so that we may all learn from you.

I dream, therefore, I am…



In the movie, “Coach Carter,” the new coach asks one of the troubled basketball players:
“What is your deepest fear?” repeatedly. Finally, when everything was falling apart for everyone on the team, including the coach, and disillusionment was setting in, and the question was no longer active, the player comes through. What he said was important but not as impressive as what delivered the answer. He seemed possessed and overtaken, as if a ventriloquist for the Divine consciousness itself, as words deep with wisdom and clarified mystery, flowed smoothly and incredulously out of his mouth. Lost in awe at the unexpected delivery, one could only catch the gist of the answer, something to the effect that one’s deepest fear is that one can, will, and does actually succeed beyond bounds.

As I watched, my own “deepest fear” question was being answered: this flunky player could perform—listen to him, where did he get that from? He is truly good, no, great: I was afraid for him. I was afraid for myself, because if he could do this, so definitely can I. And, now that he has performed, I was gripped with another fear that he will fall. For, if you are at the summit, where else do you go but down? Poor me!

I remember an excerpt from some writing:
“...as a child, afraid of the dark
as an adult, afraid of the light…”

Why are we so afraid to dream a better world? Is it because we have the sneaky suspicion that we shall succeed beyond our imagination, and actually go on to have a truly beautiful world, as a result of our dream-effort?

How we have become afraid of the dark, and afraid of the light, at the same time! How we are so-ooo afraid of our own self, afraid of our own success.

What is your deepest fear? Dare to dream, find out, and then, dream for ever.


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