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Getting Clarity:

Clarity is the “perfect rendition” of an object—whether the object is physical or abstract, static or dynamic. “Perfect rendition” for the Conscious Self is not the same for the Mind Self. Conscious Self demands too much focus, too much physical input from the senses and too much “neat logic” from the brain. The Mind Self does not require any of that. Clarity resides in the Mind Self.

For example, E=MC2 has clarity. But, as you can see, its clarity is understood by scientists in the appropriate field, but not by others. This brings up the point that Clarity is relative: it is in the eye of the beholder.

Since “the beholder” shares the same universal Mind, it follows that in fact, most times—certainly not all the time—Clarity-icons are the same for everyone; especially with non-technical objects.

Clarity is important to dreams and dreaming. If your dream has clarity, that dream will manifest easily and quickly. Put another way, if you dream with clarity, you get results quickly and accurately.

So, let us practice “getting clarity.” How much information does your mind need to render perfectly an object? Surprisingly, not that much. Recall that your brain— sometimes considered a proxy for the mind—can recognize a face given just a few clues (which don’t even have to be sharp or detailed).

Thus, a complicated situation, scene or scenery, static or dynamic, can be captured in perfect rendition by your mind without your consciously going through every detail—the latter being a laborious and futile effort, at that. It is the same way that you can look at someone, and without him or her saying anything, you understand perfectly what is going on.

It is up to you to search your own mind and find out how—the many and diverse ways—you get clarity (because you are always getting it). Review it. Watch that process as it goes on within your own self. “Stand outside yourself” and watch this most wonderful and powerful creative phenomenon. Then, use it to consciously form your dreams.

Here are more hints: Activities such as daydreaming, knitting, listening to music, gardening, even exercise-routines and reading a book all yield clarity.

Often, Clarity can be fleeting, but you don’t necessarily have to hold on to it for purposes of dreaming. When you can, doing a “refresh” does not hurt as you wait for results..

I want to personally appeal to you to do us all a big favor: share with us ways that you have obtained clarity. If you cannot post it here, then send an email directly to me or Debbe and let us know if we can post it for you, with or without your name, or not at all. Remember: we all want to learn together, to teach ourselves together. Do you know of a better way than that? Tell us, too.

Okay. Revisit the first exercise in this series and use the tool and facility of Clarity as discussed above. I dream to hear from you.

Dream on!


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